White Boat The Helford River
Beaumaris, Anglesey
Through the Trees
Manchester Picadilly
Small Building
Stockport Sunset
Figures in Picadilly, Manchester
Penmon Priory, Anglesey
Bottles in the Studio I
Dawn Rosneigr, Anglesey
Bottles in the Studio II
Norfolk Coast, Cley-Next-The-Sea
Durham Snowstorm
Orange Fields ('13)
Flowers in Vase ('11)
Sunset -Heavy Clouds
Mauve Flowers ('13)
Ancient Oak ('13)

Alan Knight
















Born in Swinton, Lancashire in ‘49 Alan worked as a professional musician during the 70’s and 80’s. In 1989, the completion of a Foundation Art and Design course at Salford University was the start of a serious commitment to painting.  He was formely a member of Vernon Mill Artist’s collective in Stockport and recently moved to live in Llangristiolus Anglesea. 

Alan gradually moved from an abstract to a representational form of expression, focusing on land and seascapes. He likes to convey to the viewer the sense and pleasure that he has felt in making a painting. Alan has a love of the physical stuff of oil paint and likes to apply it thickly with a painting knife, enjoying the texture and richness of colour that this method produces.
Artist Statement


Art was my first love at school. In1965 I applied to enter Bolton Art College, but, due to parental pressure (“you’ll never make a living as an artist”), I instead started work in Local Government. Music initially became my means of artistic expression (guitar, banjo, and mandolin) and for twelve years I was on the road in a comedy jug band outfit.   

From 1989, I drifted back to painting and drawing again and my enthusiasm and commitment (…) has steadily grown. Now art is my vocation not my interest! I eventually discovered that knife painting in oil best suited my temperament. I want a result quickly, in one session, and knife painting enables a speedy process. Deliberating and being too hesitant always produces a lifeless, uninspired result. It took much practice to develop the confidence to paint in the white heat of inspiration and excitement. Now, I just relish and enjoy the process of painting and forget about the finished work.

When outside I can see paintings everywhere. Back in my studio, I transform, distil what I have seen into an original, personal vision in oil paint. In the end it’s a question of feeling and response.

He has become established as a very popular artist, and has had several successful solo exhibitions in various parts of the UK and features in Cheshire Life magazine. 

'I take inspiration from the visual world...'