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Albert Barlow

Albert was born in Salford in 1944, very close to Cross Lane. He attended West Liverpool Street School and then Clarendon Secondary Modern School. He married his wife Pat shortly after leaving aged only 19 and now has 5 children and 14 grandchildren.


Throughout his life he has had numerous different jobs but has always been a passionate collector of Northern Art. This led him to start painting and although he is self-taught his pieces are invariably beautifully composed and often include an element of humour. His pieces capture elements of Northern life and eloquent details of his childhood and his sense of humour


Whilst most of his family still live in Salford, Albert and his wife now live in Haughton Green - Tameside.


His work is becoming increasingly appreciated and it is now being widely collected.

Industrial Town

Industrial Town

Oil on Board 20 x 24" £465

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