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Caroline is an autodidact painter from the Netherlands. She was born in the Netherland in 1965. Before becoming an artist, Caroline studied painting in 1995 and finally began painting for herself in 2005.


She stated that “art is more than a painting, sculpture or opera I watch or listen to. Art has to make me feel very serene. Art makes me feel alive! It gives me the feeling that I can live my life to the full. When I start painting, I just listen to my inner self. Every single touch to the canvas brings the art to life. Every time I get a smile on my face, I know something special is happening. I know that it will be something I’ve never done before. I paint as often as possible in trying to capture the many ideas that appear around me and in my mind.”


 Her style has been influenced by both contemporary abstract and abstract expressionism, particularly Jackson Pollock who Caroline states as one of her favourite artists and an inspiration to her. Caroline tries to capture warmth and emotion in all the visual works she creates.


Caroline Vis

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