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Breaking of the Vessels
From one to the Many
Sargasso Sea
Power of One
Time Piece
Yissachar and Zevulun
Whorls within Whorls II
God Making Salamander
Swimming Back Up
Through the Ice
Wells of the Deep Blue Series
Whorls within Whorls I
Torat Mosheh
The Ineffable Name
Kaleidoscope II
Neon Splash
Spaghetti Juntcion
Time Travel Carousel
Tree of Knowledge
Mystical Meditation
Kaleidoscope III
Journey Through Time
Hot Ice
God Sees All
Fireworks I
Dance of the Seahorses
Clash of the Titans
Fireworks IX
Creation, Unity and Duality
Breaking Through
Back to the Surface
Barad (Fiery Hailstones)
Pulling Out All the Stops
Breaking the Vessels of Primordial C
Balloon Fish
Creation, Unity and Duality ('10)
Wells of the Deep
Whorls within Whorls ('01)

In Dov’s spiritual abstract paintings, vibrant colours juxtapose and harmonise into a nurturing and balanced ‘other worldly’ whole. Energies flow freely across fluid boundaries , dimensions & worlds:  Expanding Spirals within spirals’ or ‘Whorls within Whorls - a symbol of unfolding creative energy , and a play on the words ‘worlds within worlds’ – have  a deep Kabbalistic meaning.


These abstract works hint to the limitless possibilities of the creative process, to the ‘back of the canvas’ of ‘reality’, the hidden Source, the Eternal God, and to the ineffable Real Reality of the Divine which unifies all ‘things’. The ‘One’ (the colour white), contains and gives birth to the dual/many (the spectrum of colours).


These pictures can act as a mystical vessel delivering a message from the Divine to your Soul, beckoning, resonating with your Soul’s secret longing for its Maker. The call unfolds over time, its life-giving message ever new.


Dov is a family man, a consultant psychiatrist / psychotherapist, a healer and a Breslover Chossid. He has lived in France, UK and Ireland, and has run over 12 exhibitions – in Manchester, London, Gainsborough, Dublin and the Net .He has drawn all his life but took up painting in ’92.

Dov Stein

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