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Musicians in Holy Land II
Musicians in Holy Land III
Musicians, Pirum - Spiel
Simcha, Umran
Menorah of Chanukah
Tradition Triptych
Three Clowns
Blue Violin
Chassidim in Jaffa
Violin Meeting the Dawn ('09)
Tel-Aviv Wedding
Signed retouching Succos
Shir Hamalot/Song of Ascent
Shalosh Seudos ('12)
Mystic Rebbe's Tisch
Licking the Honey ('07)
Mitzvah Tanz
Flowers for Shabbos
Geula or Exile
Mystical Jerusalem
Shidduch Oil
Story of the Seven Beggars ('07)
Uman Simcha ('12)
To Azazel Yom Kippur
Musicians in Holy Land I

Israel Besancon

 Besancon was born in 1944 in Nice, France. At 16, he became inspired to paint and express himself through the art genre of Marc Chagall. Moving to Paris at age 20, he exhibited in various venues, opened a gallery, and underwent more formal training. He expanded his clientele to Belgium, and in 1970 he was taken under the wings of a Californian patron. His later works include illuminated manuscripts, including Megillot and excerpts from Liturgy and the book of Psalms. 

 In the ‘80’s, he completed a unique project whose development spanned 12 years - a wonderful Passover Hagaddah, now in private hands, which was also re-produced in a limited edition that completely sold out and can be found in private collections all over the world. His artistic expression led him on a spiritual quest, which has had a deep influence on his art. Besancon has followed on and learned from the generation of artists of the Ecole de Paris. He is one of a handful of contemporary artists who have continued in the tradition of Marc Chagall. His art stands out as being significant, in that all elements of his paintings has a highly symbolic expression of a deeply rooted spiritual belief.
 Chagall’s innovative breakthrough in style has triggered Israel Isaac’s own expression through an art form unique to him. He is a prolific artist. Every one of his works is replete with the content and message of the mature beliefs, knowledge and insights he has spent a lifetime understanding and formulating. 
 He is also the author of dozens of books in French, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, English and Ukrainian. He is the Spiritual Mentor of  a  Jewish revival movement, Shir Chadash, based in Tel Aviv.


Art My Treasure is proud to make Rabbi Besancon’s work more widely available. 


There is, today, an unparalleled creativity, symbolism, joy and hope inherent in his art...

Collectors tend generally to hold onto his works, and there has been a very limited active open market, centered mainly in one gallery in the US and one in Jerusalem. Rabbi Besancon’s art works are virtually all in private hands, with collectors primarily in France, Belgium, the USA ( New York, Miami, California), Israel, the UK and in Canada.

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