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Karl Elphick













Karl studied Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated from the institution in 2007.

If he had to describe his art style in a single sentence he stated “I would describe myself as a romantic landscape painter, in the 'Turner' mould.”


J.M.Turner can be seen as Karl’s biggest artistic inspiration, as Turner's use of colour and texture and his unique ability to capture atmosphere and drama in his paintings can be seen within Karl’s vivid landscapes. Elphick captures a freshness in his artistic style that while it is reminiscent of Turner, it also simultaneously appears new, full of interesting scenes and breath-taking colours.


The beautiful scenery that appears in Karl’s pieces come are taken from places such as the Lake District, Kent and more recently Venice.


Although he predominantly a landscape painter, Karl has begun to do forays into seascapes, cityscapes and figurative painting.

Dusk Venecian Lagoon

Dusk Venecian Lagoon

Oil on Canvas 92 x 61" £595

Venecian Lagoon ('14)

Venecian Lagoon ('14)

Oil on Canvas 24 x 36" £500

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