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Self Portrait with Pear
Table & Cheesegrater
Cafetiere and Tomato
Carnations in a Glass Vase
Joe's House
Zygo Cactus
French Houseplant ('11)
Champagne and Lemon ('11)
Prawns and Mussels
Bay Hotel Dusk ('11)
Dipladenia in Blue Pot
Yellow Chrysanthemums

Malcolm was raised in Leeds, and after studying photography at Art College, Malcolm worked in Fleet Street, where he won the Press Photographer of the Year in 1997.


In 2005, after an unfortunate road accident, Malcolm moved away from photography and began teaching himself to paint. What started as a few successful group exhibitions, ended with multiple sell-out solo shows, turning Malcolm into one of the North’s bestselling artists.


Malcolm has had work featured in magazines and newspapers, as well as BBC television and radio. Croft has been shown alongside artists such as LS Lowry and Sickert.


His individual style comes from his love of stained glass windows, with his solid black outline and bold colours within, his work is unique and separates him from most modern day artists.


Malcolm was recently chosen as head judge for 2012 Cheshire Life 'Young Artist of the Year' competition.

Malcolm Croft

'Inspired by stimuli as diverse as a bunch of supermarket flowers or the view from the studio, I paint obsessively, every day.'

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