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Pumpkins and Flowers
Little Girl and Elephant

Pauline Ann Wiltshire was born in Wythenshawe, Manchester in 1958. She studied at Manchester Polytech in 1981 before becoming the senior biomedical scientist at Withington Hospital before moving to work at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. In 2009 Pauline retired from the Royal Infirmary to focus on full time on her artwork. She has been painting for 22 years, since retiring she has received both an A level in art as well as a foundation from Stockport College.


Pauline attributes her influence and style to several artists, these include Giacometti, David Tress and Egon Shiele. She once said, “I try to paint instinctively and do not wish to analyse my work to much during the creative process. I tend to use mixed media because I like to create an immediate result; waiting for oils to dry doesn’t appeal to me.”.


She has exhibited her work in various galleries across the North West, as well as several shared exhibitions and frequently showcases her work in open exhibitions.

Pauline Wiltshire

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