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Wendy Raphael

Many people associate large figurative paintings as Wendy's work and for a long time, they have dominated my exhibitions. Wendy has been and still is fascinated by movement, costume, alter ego and visual paradox. Yet
alongside this, she has always painted from nature and indeed this is shown in her more theatrical work.
Colours of nature and the proportions of colours in one flower is in it’s self a lesson for the artist. Nature, natural beauty, tones and shades must always be the teacher to which we return.

Like many artists, Wendy loves a spot of gardening. Gardening can be a sculptural activity.

"I Love to explore what landscape can tell us of line,tone, colour, texture and form (as indeed does a dancer or choreographer)." 
The artists floral and garden paintings are part of her response to this love of nature and the product of all this is paintings, drawings, gardening, foraging and wine making.

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