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Drumming Meditation
Conversation with God (Hitbodedut)
Harp Meditation, Heart on Fire
Entering the Secret Garden II
Violin Dveikus Hisbodedus ('12)
Winter Night at Home ('12)
The Lubavitch Rebbe ('12)
Sea Cave ('13)
Romance in the Holy Land ('13)
Blue Guitar Meditation ('12)
Django Reinhardt & Bro's, 20's, Paris Club
Entering the Secret Garden ('13)
Kehilat Yam Suff ('12)
Last Hours Before Exile ('13)
Cello Dveikus ('13)
Cello Dveikus ('13)
Immigrants Sweatshop ('12)
A Cosy Evening ('12)
Rachel Watches Over her Children
Exodus - Abel Pann Transcription

Yisroel Levi was born in London in 1961 where he lived before moving to Manchester. He has sold his work professionally for forty years.


Although schooled in the classical and traditional forms of art, Yisroel Levi has for the past several years adopted a style reminiscent of Chagal. His personal and strident palette, exaggerated form and motion is receiving acclaim, having sold work in the UK, Europe, Israel, and the USA. He is also an accomplished portraitist. He was commissioned by Margaret Thatcher to paint her portrait.


The early works are typical of the Renaissance with influence of DaVinci, Raphael and the Pre-Raphaelites whilst the recent collection is purely expressionistic and follows themes that centre around the Jewish experience and the Jewish Soul's expression through music, ritual, history, Torah, Tzaddik (‘saint’) and community.


Each painting is a highly personal perspective on spiritual yearning ('Dveikus') and the mystical experience. Yisroel’s art is always seeking new ways of Jewish expression. 


Yisroel Levy

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